About us

The Haining Jiacen Fastener Co.,Ltd. is one of a hundred strong manufacturer and export enterprises located in Haining City, Zhejiang, China. Our specialty is the manufacture and export trade of hardware,tools,and daily necessities(general merchandise).We have our own export brand and ship all products to the USA and European Common Market.


Our company was established in 1999 ,After many years of hard work our company has grown to a size with 3,000 square meters of offices,and 10,000 square meters of workshops.

Over the years our company has developed a "humanist" style of management summed up with our motto "me for everybody, everybody for me". Our University trained management team believes in simple,transparent interpersonal relationships that allow each staff member to utilize their whole being in their work 100%.Our leadership has put together an outstanding group of employees where each person has pride in their individual work as well as pride in the organization.

Here at Haining Jiacen we look forward to working with you efficiently and pleasantly for your import needs.